Medical Arts Hospital Case Management


Trouble Shooter, Patient Advocate

A Case Manager is the trouble shooter working with all the medical staff to secure the best outcome for each patient.

The Case Manager audits charts for criteria for admission daily Monday – Friday based on the standards set by MC that all insurances, Medicare, Medicaid and private payors follow for making sure a patient receives appropriate care. These standards dictate whether hospitalization, home care, nursing home or rehabilitation are the appropriate level of care. The case manager meets with the Doctor to get more information into the chart for authorizations or admission criteria.

Every patient that has a private pay insurance has to have an authorization for admission. The Out Patient/Registration Department and Case Management work together to secure these in a timely manner. It is so important that each patient bring their current insurance information to the hospital. If they present the wrong information an authorization may not be obtained, it may take an additional 24 hours to get that authorization.  The Case Manager also helps to arrange Durable Medical Equipment for a patient upon dismissal.
The Case Manager may help families with such documentation such as “Out of Hospital DNR”, “Advance Directives to Physicians” and “Medical Power of Attorney”. The Case Manager can only provide assistance with these forms to patients that are of sound mind. All others are referred to local attorneys. The Case Management Department has worked closely with several local attorneys to keep their forms updated with changes in the terminology. Any person interested in completing the forms may contact Case Management Department at 872-5727 extension 3045 to set up an appointment. Please bring phone and addresses for three persons to be listed on the “Medical Power of Attorney”to this meeting

“Out of Hospital DNR” is the form required in Texas so that if an ambulance is called to the home and the patient is not to be resuscitated. This form also covers any Emergency Department. This form has to be completed by the Patient or next of kin or Medical Power of Attorney and then the patient’s physician has to sign it also.
“Advance Directive to Physicians” is the form that some people refer to as a Living Will. This form gives physicians and family directions as to what the patient’s wishes are for such things as PEG tubes, blood transfusions, Transplants or organ donation. This form also specifies if the patient wants life saving treatment.
“Medical Power of Attorney” is the form that gives three persons the authority to obtain medical information and make decisions for the patient should that patient be unable to make those decisions in the future.

Mary Ledbetter Bond, RN is the Case Manager at Medical Arts Hospital. She has been employed at Medical Arts Hospital since December 1996 when she graduated from the South Plains School of Nursing with an Associate Degree of Nursing. Mary is the third generation of Ledbetter’s to work at Medical Arts Hospital. Mary Ledbetter Bond, RN is also the recipient of the 2012 Medical Arts Hospital Manager of the Year.