Medical Arts Hospital Employment Listing as of 09/28/2022


RN Chare Nurse – Medical Floor


Respiratory Therapist

US Technologist

Medical Technologist

Maintenance Assistant


Family Nurse Practitioner


PRN Paramedic

PRN Advanced EMT

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Medical Arts Hospital, Human Resources Dept., 2200 N Bryan Ave, Lamesa, TX 79331

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NEW HIRES: After a prospective employee applicant has had their criminal back ground check completed, that individual will have an appointment made with Employee Health for screening. Screening includes health history, immunizations, physical exam, drug screening and safe back lifting screening. The employee then is educated on policy and procedures. Each person needs to bring in any prescriptions with them to the appointment. Once Employee Health screening completed then the employee meets with Human Resources to complete the hiring process. Employee Health Department administers any needed immunizations, annual PPD testing and N-95 fitting with the Cardiopulmonary Department. Also, all return to works, injury reports and reports of illness are processed through this department.