Swing Bed

The Swing Bed Program is a Medicare term for a step down rehab program for rural health care facilities.

Any person wishing to make inquiries should contact:

Case Management Department – (806) 872-5727 Ext. 3152. Those wishing to pursue SwingBed placement must have a skilled nursing and rehab need. First they had to have three midnights in an inpatient acute setting (Observation does not qualify). Then the diagnoses must be related to that admission.

The case manager at the acute care facility should contact Case Management Department – (806) 872-5727 Ext. 3152. The act of contacting Case Management will start the necessary process for required paper work and medical records to be obtained for review for placement.

There are times that the patient may not qualify and there may not be a bed available. Once a patient is admitted to SwingBed Program there is evaluation every seven days for qualifying stay. There are twenty days fully paid by Medicare and 80 partial paid days available, yet the patient has to qualify to use those days. Therefore the stay will be a minimum of seven days and length dependant on qualification.

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